Landscape Architecture and Civil Engineering

RLA's Landscape Architects and Engineers are proud to provide creative, aesthetically pleasing, cost-effective site design and land planning solutions. In this endeavor they adhere to the highest standards of the profession. Our Landscape Architects and Civil Engineers are licensed in Massachusetts.

Environmental Permitting

RLA's project managers have permitted thousands of projects in Massachusetts. RLA's courteous, straight-forward approach to project permitting has given us a reputation for honesty and integrity with local, state and federal regulators.

Land Surveying

RLA's survey department provides professional land survey services including, but not limited to, topographic surveying, boundary surveys, right-of-way and easement preparation, commercial and residential subdivisions and mortgage surveys.

Wetland Delineation

RLA's wetland and soil scientists provide inland wetland delineations, wetland restoration/replication design and monitoring, Mass. Title V percolation tests, subsurface soil evaluations for stormwater drainage, and NPDES Certified Stormwater Inspector monitoring and reporting.